4 Actions of Building Leadership Momentum

My biggest goal in life is to make it to the grave without ever once feeling I’ve stopped growing as an individual, a student of life, or a man of thought.
— Leighton Dees

How do you build “Leadership Momentum”?

Know thyself…

You need to know and clearly define:

-Your Purpose
Ex. In the business of real estate only one thing sell houses… People helping people.

-Your Passion

-Your Story

What your “CURRENCY” really is…
It’s not money… Money is simply the by-product of human activities
Currency with friends and family = Time
In Business = Passion

Stay Relevant

4 Actions of Building Leadership Momentum:
Part 1

Collaborate- Build your resources and relationships 

•Identify your resources. If you don’t have them, develop them. Immediately!

•Develop your “A-Team”.

•You must have an understanding of everyone’s job who is involved in the transaction process. Don’t be clueless. Go to lunch with them. Don’t listen to them talk about what they can do and how great they are; ask them to explain how they do it! This knowledge allows you the true ability to gauge the severity of a concern in a sale and better control the emotions in yourself, your client, and the transaction. This also tightens the bond in you relationship with them! Make it stronger!


Part 2

Innovate- Never stop learning. Implement your ideas with passion. Improve your processes constantly.

•The only fast lane to success is through educating yourself. The more you know and understand about this business, the easier it is to gain more & more correct momentum.

•You must know how to use technology to multiply your efforts.

•You must know how to handle areas of concern.

•You must know the steps to a successful presentation.

•You must know how to do a NEADS analysis

.•You must know how to generate leads.

•You must know how to create opportunity.

•You must learn to love the opportunity to get to try something you fear. This is how you grow!

•In marketing… If everyone is going one way… go the other way. You must stand out. This is how to do so. You must learn how to make the things you do seem bigger than they are to people.

•Prepare a Business Plan every year… Yes- Every year.

•Break down your growth goals into bite-sized pieces.

•Systemize everything you do.



Part 3

Generate- Sell out to building your business

•Sell out hardcore to generating and building your business for at least 24 months.

•It is your girlfriend/boyfriend.

•It is your hobby.

•It is your date tonight!

•It’s what you did yesterday.

•It’s what you are doing today.

•It’s what you are doing tomorrow!

•Doing this for 24 months will make the next decade of your life and business something you considered a dream before.

•Treat every client/customer equally and with respect. It’s not just about them, it’s about everyone they know.

•Realize you must always have 6 months of living expenses in your bank account at all times. And treat this stash as your true $0/zero. From there, you can start building wealth. You can’t see downline in your business until you don’t have to worry about tomorrow financially. Trust me.


Part 4

Dominate- It’s really you against yourself

•You must learn to hate the thought of giving yourself an excuse. It must make you sick to your stomach or you will continue to do it.

•You must provide value in everything you do.

•You must earn the right to close every sale.

•Get over feeling sorry for yourself, it’s irrelevant.

•Everything you do is a learning experience to constantly get better. Everything.

•Be consistent. Period.

•You must know your math.

•Don’t worry about trying to know all the answers. Strive to be able to get the right answer.

•Create balance in everything you do. Balance is like oil in an engine. Nothing runs smooth without it.

•Plan your day, week, Month and Year.

•Do the most productive thing possible at every given moment. – Tom Hopkins

•Find the one thing that means more to you than anything and use it to push yourself further than you have ever gone.

•Realize this is all a game. The faster you learn the rules to the game, the faster you realize it’s yours for the taking.

•No single transaction is ever worth your reputation. Ever.

•Never lose who you are.

•Never let anyone else decide your emotions for you.

•Never accept less than your best.

In Summary
The only thing between you and success is time… and thats where the stories come from.
Failure is part of success. 
But know this… All things are ready if the mind be so.

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