A 24 Hour Long Look Inside Dotloop

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I was invited to come hang for a day at the Cincinnati headquarters of real estate’s paperless solution giant. But from the moment I landed there was something fresh and progressive about the town that seemed to match up with the vibe of dotloop. The office is located in what at the turn of the century was the “longest” building in the world. An old railroad company warehouse located off the interstate stands over 1/4 mile long(see video).
As I entered the building I went down the longest hallway in the world only to come to the entrance of where it all goes down. Before entering, I just had to take a second and give thought to all of the hard work and dedication this crew has put in to get to this level.
Alex Allison, Head of Industry Development, and personal friend gave me the grand tour and told me all about the thought that went into the layout. Everyone there was hard at it from the moment I came in until the second I left. They definitely don’t waste time around there and the culture seems to thrive because of it.
Around lunch we shot some promotional videos and just got creative with a few ideas. Even the film crew dotloop brought in was next level. Guys that were really passionate about their work, not just treating it like a job.
We took numerous pics with the staff and then worked a few hours on things that needed to be handled. The day flew by in minutes it seemed.
As the work day came to a close me and Alex gathered our things and made our way out. The thing I noticed most was we were the only ones leaving even though it was after 5pm… No one was rushing out the door the second the clock hit 5. Groups were still collaborating on marketing ideas. Support teams were still taking calls to help their clients. And nobody from leadership had left the building either. I thought I had seen good examples of workplace environments before, but this place stood out and spoke for itself. I was truly humbled to experience a company in live time actively be what they claim to be. People helping people. That’s why this place is going to be around for a long time. And that’s why I use them with my own brokerage of 75 agents. Consistent. Quality. Innovative. Dotloop.





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