Matt Beall talks Hawaii Life, Worthshop and the upcoming year

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Conversations That Matter– Episode 18:

Having personally met Matt Beall, I can say that his design work has influenced my own thinking for design in the real estate industry. This week Teri Conrad speaks with Matt about his upcoming event, Worthshop 4, and more… 

Summary by Teri Conrad (Conversations That Matter):

Matt Beall is a breath of fresh air in the real estate industry. He is about as down to earth as you can possibly be but equally as savvy! Matt is the Principle Broker/Owner of Hawaii Life Brokerage with 10 offices throughout the islands. He and his partners have grown their company to over 200 agents and staff and have captured our attention with his humble attitude and fresh perspective and sexy online marketing.  So much so that HGTV gave them their own show!  When you get a chance to hear Matt speak you’ll be immediately inspired and disarmed by his ‘Aloha charm’

Next month Matt will be hosting his 4th annual conference Worthshop ~ unlike any real estate conference ever before!

Matt and his crew approach the Worthshop conference in a very different way. Each year they have a theme. Last year it was ‘Simplicity’ and this year it’s ‘STAND’.

The line up of thought leaders is incredible and its such an intimate group that the discussions are sure to be rich! Last year my mentor and dear friend Matthew Ferrara closed out the conference and wrote about his epic experience and insights he gathered here and is one of the big reasons I simply had to attend this year! SO I’ll be heading to Maui and I’m sure I’ll be having MANY Conversations That Matter there with both Matts! (In HAWAII! WHOOHOO!)”





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