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I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Teri Conrad, owner of AgentQuest, about my thoughts and vision of what I’m most passionate about: branding, design, & innovative ideas in the real estate industry. It was great to dive into these areas and I look forward to doing it again! If you haven’t seen was Teri Conrad has been building you need to check it out! It’s an Internet show entitled “Conversations That Matter”. She is sitting down with thought leaders from our industry and cataloging all of the content. Check it out at when you get a minute! Teri also has a Podcast for each of the conversations as well. I’ve included it below too.

Excerpt from Conversations That Matter Blog:

Leighton Dees CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Generations  in Mobile, Alabama; a brokerage that won InmanLeighton Dees News Innovator of the Year 2014 for Most Innovative Brokerage! Check it out below!

As Leighton says “My job is to make Real Estate sexy … and to make YOU (the agent) look like a rock star” and he does! The moment you land on Generations website you will instantly be aware that ‘this is different!’ Generations offers their ‘GenLife Training Systems’ designed to coach agents to achieving “more’”.  A powerful promise accompanied by their ‘Real Estate Sales Blueprint’ that truly addresses what every agent craves from their broker and I believe a true differentiator. Leighton and I share a passion for design and brand and believe in the importance of marketing:

“Business has evolved so much. Marketing used to be a department but is now threaded throughout every aspect of a company. Marketing is what holds everything together.”

Inman InnovatorPin

Generations moves quick to execute on marketing initiatives at lower costs because they’ve brought it all in house with Leighton leading the vision. Thanks to Leighton for joining me for this CTM! He’s definitely one to watch and learn from, and you’ll LOVE Leighton’s answer to the Legacy question! Truly inspiring!

I hope this conversation inspires you! If it does, please share and subscribe to CTM on iTunes(and leave us a review if you want more!)





CEO, Marketing Strategist & Web/Graphic Designer

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