28 Apr 2016

SOUTHERN FRIED REAL ESTATE SHOW – EP. 3 Sean Gibbs on Gaining Momentum

This week on Southern Fried Real Estate Show we dive into the mission of getting going in real estate for the first time, or again… Realtor Sean Gibbs gives insight to how he used his knowledge of business combined with his previous experience as a realtor, to get going fast!

11 Jun 2015

AgentCaff Interview on Marketing Strategy and Visual Design

Streamed live on May 4, 2015 Marketing Strategy & Visual Design… The foundation of which the world sees our companies and often us as individuals. How you articulate your message is extremely important. Not only through the verbiage, but also visually. What is your core foundation? How do you articulate

27 Mar 2015

Severe disruption coming disguised as “byowner.com” broker sites … not Zillow

I read the best quote the other day: “There are two ways to do anything, the right way or again…” This pretty much sums up what needs to be done to the issue of growing online brokerages disguising themselves as forsalebyowner.com websites. We need to try again. I don’t think