09 Jun 2016

Southern Fried Real Estate Show Ep. 5 – Interview w/ New York Broker “Michael Meier”

All markets are not created equal. The conditions and facets between them are limitless. Today we catch up with my personal friend Michael Meier who I met with my involvement as a mentor to the T3 Fellows Broker Accelerator Program. Michael is the broker/owner of Meier International Real Estate in New York City.

28 Apr 2016

SOUTHERN FRIED REAL ESTATE SHOW – EP. 3 Sean Gibbs on Gaining Momentum

This week on Southern Fried Real Estate Show we dive into the mission of getting going in real estate for the first time, or again… Realtor Sean Gibbs gives insight to how he used his knowledge of business combined with his previous experience as a realtor, to get going fast!

12 Apr 2016

SOUTHERN FRIED REAL ESTATE SHOW – EP. 2 Derek Peterson on Systems

In this week’s episode, I sat down with Derek Peterson from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations and we discussed the importance of systems in your business. Derek is a top producer with a background in city planning and engineering. He graduated from the University of Alabama and is

15 Jan 2015

Live coverage of Inman Real Estate Connect New York by announced

If you’re in real estate or a tech start-up, there’s only one place to be the last week of January… Real Estate Connect New York. Also known by it’s shorthand name #ICNY, this event brings all of the great minds of the real estate industry together for 3 days under one

09 Dec 2014

A 24 Hour Long Look Inside Dotloop

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I was invited to come hang for a day at the Cincinnati headquarters of real estate’s paperless solution giant. But from the moment I landed there was something fresh and progressive about the town that seemed to match up with the vibe